If you have filled up your vehicle with the wrong fuel then call us now! We can come to you and get you back on the road

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Fuel Drainage Vehicle
Don't panic, here's what to do if you have any questionable fuel in your tank or have accidentally filled up with the wrong fuel.

Stop driving
Don't start your car, or park up and switch off as soon as possible if you're on the move. Don't be tempted to try and drive home. Some manufacturers say that you shouldn't even unlock the doors as this can start the fuel pump and force fuel into the engine.

Call us now!!
If you didn't start the car after filling up with the wrong fuel, then it may be a case of emptying the fuel tank, draining and flushing the system, and changing the fuel filter.
Is it going to cost a lot to fix?
Garages will charge you £200 or more to drain and flush a fuel system on top of the recovery charge, but if you've been running the engine with the wrong fuel, or poor-quality fuel, you could be in for a big bill.
So don't move the vehicle and call us now!!